​Filming With the SELEX Merlin Thermal Camera

Apr 01, 2016

Just spent five weeks five weeks working with this amazing camera. It has its foibles, but when its right the image is stunning, and like nothing else I have ever seen.

This camera truly is one of a kind.

​Filming for Discovery's "Predator" Series with the ARRI AMIRA

Apr 01, 2016

I am just back from a month filming in Zambia with ARRIs new AMIRA camera. Finally, a real camera-persons camera!

The AMIRA is a joy to shoot - intuitive, bombproof ARRI build quality, great ergonomics and an image to die for.

This will definitely be my goto camera for the foreseeable future.

​Return of the Phantom Menace!

Apr 01, 2016

It really has been a high speed summer! As well as shoots for the new series of Sherlock, I've shot footage for Horizon Secret Life of Cats and Whats Killing Our Bees? and a sequence for David Attenborough's new series of Wild Curiosities.

Just call me the Phantom menace!

​Shooting With The Phantom High Speed Camera On Sherlock.

Apr 01, 2016

Really pleased to have been asked to Shoot with the Phantom for the third series of the hugely popular, and award winning drama series Sherlock.

It's been quite a while since I've shot on a big drama series, I'm learning a lot and really enjoying the challenge.

​Shooting Wild Mission: Siberian Tiger

Apr 01, 2016

I’ve just completed filming for Wild Mission: Siberian Tiger, a new series produced by the BBC’s Natural History Unit. Throughout the winter we have followed a team of conservationists, as they work to save one of our planets most endangered big cats.

The forest of Siberia, or Taiga is a pretty harsh filming environment. We faced low temperatures of -20 C, with it dropping as low as - 40 C at night.

Having the right kit for this project was essential, so here’s a quick run-down of some of what I used.

Alpkit Filo Down Jacket - http://www.alpkit.com

A fantastic down jacket that punches well above its weight. We spent a fair amount of time tracking tigers on foot; even at sub zero temperatures it could be quite warm work. The Filo packs down pretty small, and was perfect to throw on whilst static for filming. The Filo has a fill power of 600 + and it felt as warm as jackets I’ve worn with twice the bulk. It also looks great, it has a fairly slim/flattering fit so doesn’t leave you looking like the Michelin man. In-fact, with the UK’s current cold snap, I’ve rarely taken mine off!

Alpkit Sleeping Bag Prototype

I was also fortunate to test out a new expedition down sleeping bag for the nice people at Alpkit. I’m guessing this bag will be a reworking of their popular Alpine Dream range. It’s a well-proportioned bag, so a little more comfortable on extended trips. We often slept in hunting cabins with inside temperatures hovering around 0 C. I never needed more than a thin base layer to sleep in, so this bag would be more than capable of keeping you warm well bellow freezing. As I said, this was only a prototype bag, but it ticked all the boxes for me and dare I say it, I especially liked the color! When it goes into production this will be a great bag for those needing something for extreme low temperatures. Keep your eyes open on the Alpkit website for more news.

Salomon Tundra Boots - http://www.salomon.com/

Great cold weather boots; weighing in at only 660 g it’s quite unbelievable that they are as warm as they are. I had no problem wearing them down to -20 with a single pair of socks. Apparently it’s all down to the thermal gel that Salomon uses as insulation. They are rated down to - 40, which may be pushing it a tad, but perhaps with the right combination of socks?

Fjallraven Arktis Parka - http://www.fjallraven.com/outdoor-equipment/jacket...

This Parka is incredible! As a wildlife cameraman, keeping still is pretty high on the job description, not much fun at -20. The Arktis Parka made it just about bearable. Down filled, it has plenty of insulation, and the shell is made from Fjallranen’s breathable G-1000 cotton, reinforced at all potential high wear points. It’s absolutely loaded with pockets, both inside and out, and the outside pockets are more than large enough to take a lens. The attention to detail on this parka is superb, right down to the glove friendly zip pulls.

The Arktis has obviously been designed by people who know their stuff, when it comes to functioning in sub-zero environments.

Woolpower Base Layers - http://www.woolpower.se/en/default.asp

For me, this stuff is quite simply the best! Warm, comfortable and extremely hardwearing – there’s not much that can touch it.

​5.11 Clothing

Apr 01, 2016

Just been filming in Oman and had the opportunity to try out 5.11\\\'s new Stryke Pants. They are a massive improvement on the cargo pants I usually wear for hot weather filming trips. They are made of a tough, stretch, ripstop fabric which make them incredibly comfortable for filming in. They also have a stain resistant finish, mine got covered in fish blood and they have washed up as good as new.

I can also highly recommend their Taclite pro shirt, very cool to wear in hot humid places. We where filming in 40 + temperatures and often in open boats with very little shade.

Check out there kit online at www.511tactical.com

​The BBC's Madagascar Nominated for Emmy's in Cinematography, Sound &

Apr 01, 2016

Really pleased to hear that Madagascar, a series I worked on for the BBC has been nominated for an Emmy in cinematography, sound & music.

Congratulations to all involved


Apr 01, 2016

I have just taken delivery of the new FS700

240 fps in full HD, S-35 sensor and 4K ready, whats not to like!

Really looking forward to putting this badboy through its paces.


Apr 01, 2016

Very proud to have been part of this wonderful series. Will air throughout July on the BBC, hope you enjoy.

​Stereo 3D

Apr 01, 2016

I have recently undergone further 3D training on PLF Advanced 3D course. An interesting few days and i cant wait to put it into practice.


Apr 01, 2016

I can now off a full DSLR shooting package. The kit includes the superb Zacuto Stinger shoulder mount which can be used either on the shoulder, or on a tripod. Genus Matte Box and Filter Kit, Follow Focus and the awesome Zacuto EVF Zfinder Pro.

This is the ideal rig for getting the best from DSLR cameras and can be supplied with either Canon EOS 7D or 5D and a variety of lenses.

​One Million Snakebites Wins a Silver Hugo

Apr 01, 2016

I am very pleased to announce that the BBC Natural World One Million Snakebites, which I filmed and produced last year has been awarded a Silver Hugo for best Science and Nature Documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival.

A big thank you to the legendary Rom Whitaker, and to the production team at Icon Films and the BBC.


Apr 01, 2016

I am now able to offer the exciting new Stage Zero Time-lapse Dolly as part of my time-lapse kit. This innovative new motion controlled dolly system allows me to add both vertical and horizontal moves to my time-lapse work, and perfectly compliments the Mumford Panning head.

This rig is also available for hire and can include Canon EOS 7D DSLR with various lens options.

New Traxwatch Camera Trap System On Test

Apr 01, 2016

I am currently demoing a new remote imaging system made by UK based company Traxwatch.

Over the years I have used pretty much every camera trap system out there and I can confidently say that this is by far the most versatile and user friendly system to date. It effortlessly fires both DSLRs and LANC controlled video cameras as well as offering useful additions such as time lapse.

To find out more go to www.traxwatch.com

Now Supported by Patagonia

Apr 01, 2016

I am very pleased to announce that I am now being supported in my work by the iconic outdoor clothing company Patagonia.

I have long been a fan and user of Patagonia´s kit, not just for its quality, reliability and functionality but also because of their celebrated environmental policy.

Patagonia´s definition of quality "includes a mandate for building products and working with processes that cause the least harm to the environment"

Many of their garments are made from recycled materials and they are part of the one percent for the planet scheme.

For more information please go to -



​One Million Snakebites

Apr 01, 2016

The Natural World, One Million Snakebites which I filmed and produced for Icon Films and the BBC will be transmitted on 22nd Feb at 9pm on BBC 2

​A Special Screening of the BBC's Birds Of Paradise Natural World

Apr 01, 2016

In honor of our friend and colleague Paul Igag we have organised a special screening of Birds of Paradise. It is out hope that we can raise money to start a memorial scholarship in Paul's memory to help continue his work.

The screening will take place at the Picture House, 44 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol on the 21st of December from 6-8pm.

All are welcome and we would very much appreciate your support.

​Wildscreen Panda for BBC's Life Series

Apr 01, 2016

The BBC series Life wins the Jurys Special prize at the Wildscreen festival.

​Lost land Of The Volcano Wins Wildscreen Panda

Apr 01, 2016

The BBC series lost land of the volcano wins best popular broadcast series at the Wildscreen film festival.

​Shooting Photron High Speed

Apr 01, 2016

I have recently undertaken three shoots using the Photron High Speed camera. Various models are available, filming up to 2000 fps in full HD.

The results look stunning, hope to have some shots on the showreel page soon.

​Flesh Eating River Monster wins RTS Award

Apr 01, 2016

Flesh Eating River Monster, the pilot episode of the ratings winning River Monsters series has recently won a Royal Television Society award for best factual documentary.

First show as part of Channel 5 Nature Shock series.

​Motion Control Timelapse

Apr 01, 2016

I have just taken delivery of a motion control head to put pan and tilt moves into my digital timelapse. The kit was built by Bryan Mumfor in the US, and I am looking forward to putting it to good use.

​Three Day RED Camera Training Course

Apr 01, 2016

This month I have been fortunate to attend REDs first approved training course in the UK.

The course covered the set-up, shooting, editing and associated work flow of this revolutionary camera system. The future is bright, bright RED!

​Mountains of the Monsoon wins Sliver Award for Cinematography.

Apr 01, 2016

Mountains of the Monsoon, produced by icon films as part of the BBC Natural World series has been awarded a silver award for cinematography at the Chicago International Film Festival.

​New V.I.O-POV mini cam kit

Apr 01, 2016

I’ve been working with various mini cam systems for a number of years on projects such as Chris Barrie’s “Massive Speed” series and most recently BBC’s “Coast”. I have recently added a new camera system to my kit, the new V.I.O-POV. It’s a high quality bullet camera which records to a solid state recorder. It can record for up to 6 hrs on a continuous loop so you need never miss a shot. It’s also extremely rugged and waterproof to three meters.

​Crocodile Blues a Natural World Produced for the BBC by Icon Films

Apr 01, 2016

This film follows Rom's progress throughout 2008. Can his team solve the mystery of the calamitous die-off? How successful will his attempts be to secure the safety of the species with a pioneering captive-breeding programme? And will the Gharial in India's other major sanctuary cope with human pressures, habitat destruction and a disastrous monsoon flood?

To find out how you can help conserve Gharial visit http://www.iconfilms.co.uk/gharial/index.php

Meerkat Manor Season I Emmy nominated

Apr 01, 2016

This acclaimed first series has now received two nominations at the annual Primetime Emmys, in the categories of best cinematography and best editing. The winners will be announced on the 8th of September 2007.

Gold at New York Film Festival

Mar 17, 2016

Meerkat Manor wins Gold for best Nature and Wildlife Documentary at the New York Film Festival.

Meerkat Manor Series I nominated at Wildscreen 2006

Mar 17, 2016

The finalists for Wildscreen 2006 have just been announced. 412 films from 45 countries were entered. Meerkat Manor has been nominated in the following categories:

• Granada Wild Award for Animal Behaviour - "Daisy's Choice"
• Parthenon Entertainment Award for Innovation - "A Family Affair"
• Five Award for Popular Broadcast Programmes - "A Family Affair"

The winners will be announced in Bristol in October.

Paranormal Pigeons nominated at Wildscreen

Mar 17, 2016

Paranormal Pigeons, produced by Icon Films for Channel 5 has been nominated in the best editing category at Wildscreen 2006.

The winners will be announced in Bristol in October.

Nick Baker's Weird Creatures TX

Mar 17, 2016

Series transmitting from 5th of Jan - 16th of Feb on Channel 5 at 8.00 pm

Produced by Icon Films

Massive Speed with Chris Barrie TX

Mar 17, 2016

Series showing on the Discovery Channel at 8.30 pm throughout December