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Orca Bags OR-12 Shoulder Bag

I have been on the look out for a while now for a way of transporting my Sony FS7 when fully rigged. When shooting in a more “Run & Gun” style for my more adventurous documentary assignments, it’s imperative that I can grab the camera and go with the minimum amount of set up. It’s one thing I really miss about the days of ENG/DigiBeta style video cameras. So, with this in mind, I was really excited to receive one of Orca Bags new OR-12 Shoulder Bags.

The OR-12 is a perfect fit for my FS7 – it will comfortably accommodate my rig, even with the matte-box and a V-Lock battery attached. Pretty much every bag I’ve tried up until now has involved me at least having to remove the viewfinder. As things stand, I have room in the main compartment for the camera, three spare PAGLink PL96 batteries, charger and Camrade Rain Cover – and there’s room to spare.

As well as it’s generous main compartment, the OR-12 offers two see through pockets in the lid, perfect for cards and cables, two longer outer pockets on the outside Ideal for a French Flag, and two smaller pockets at either end, one of which is nicely set up for pens, keys phone etc.

One other excellent touch is the LED light built into the inside of the main compartment. I used the bag recently on a night shoot with my Sony A7s and the LED was a really useful feature.

You also have the option to add the OR-70 Trolly system, allowing for the bag to be wheeled if things start to get too heavy. The OR-70 is a clever, compact, fold up trolly which docks securely to the bottom of the bag. It would really come into its own if you where using the bag with say, heavy lighting kit.

Where Ocra have been really cleaver with these bags, is in their ingenious protective design. Although predominantly a fabric bag, they incorporate an alloy frame for extra rigidity. The bags inner foam is a good inch think and made from a foam/EVA sandwich. The bag feels like it will offer an excellent level of protection. If it came to the crunch I might even consider flying with it as checked baggage!

Orcas attention to detail is excellent, as is their build quality. From the internal bungee to securely hold you camera in place, right through to the well padded shoulder strap, Orca have really thought about these bags.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this bag for anyone looking for a way to transport and protect fully rigged, larger cameras such as the FS7, F55 or Red Epic. Nice work Orca Bags, you really nailed this one!